Preparation Is Key: Where Prevention Ends, and Business Continuity and Incident Response Management Begins
Christopher Schuetze | Cybersecurity Practice Director and Lead Analyst

"Ensuring the availability of processes and services in the event of an incident or a cyber attack is a fundamental part of a company’s cybersecurity approach. Commonly used phrases when it comes to such cybersecurity strategies, are Incident Response Management (IRM) and Business Continuity Management (BCM). Both should be part of a company's cybersecurity strategy, but what is the difference, how are they connected, and at what point in time do they start?"

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Business Continuity in the age of Cyber Attacks
Warwick Ashford | Senior Analyst

Business continuity and cyber security remain largely in separate siloes. But changes in the IT and cyber threat landscapes mean there is an urgent need for organizations to alter their approach. This Advisory Note identifies why there needs to be closer alignment and integration between business continuity and cyber security teams, and provides recommendations on how to achieve this to reduce the business impact of cyber attacks and ensure none is a business killer.

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The No. 1 Rule of Secure Cloud Migration: Know Your Unstructured and Dark Data and Where It Is Located
Martin Kuppinger | Principal Analyst

With a huge amount of data around, cloud migration is the ideal solution today. A necessary stage in migrating data to the cloud is putting it in order. This is particularly important when it comes to unstructured, so-called dark data: files and documents that are undermanaged, in general the data that is not managed in an orderly fashion such as structured database which is easily governed.

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Incident Response Management
February 18 - May 15, 2020

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European Identity & Cloud Conference 2020
May 12 - 15, 2020, in Munich, Germany

Europe's leading conference in information security will help you navigate through the AI landscape to learn how to spot business opportunities and what exactly is needed for strategic adoption and implementation of artificial intelligence. Learn more about the latest trends in IAM, AI and cybersecurity from May 12 - 15, 2020, in Munich, Germany.


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