The Next Best Thing After "Secure by Design"
Alexei Balaganski | Lead Analyst

Although the cybersecurity tools are arguably becoming better and more sophisticated, and, for example, cloud service providers are constantly rolling out new security and compliance features in their platforms, the number of data breaches and hacks continues to grow. But why?

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Top Ten Trends in Cybersecurity
Paul Fisher | Principal Analyst

Many cybersecurity trend reports focus on the threat landscape and how the activities of attackers will evolve. This has an obvious impact on the solutions that vendors create and how organisations deploy them. The focus here is on those security technologies that will have most business and operational impact.

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Quantum Computing and Data Security - Pandora's Box or a Good Opportunity?
Christopher Schuetze | Cybersecurity Practice Director and Lead Analyst

Almost all encryption of data at rest and in transit is based on complex calculations that can only be efficiently decrypted with the right "key". If quantum computers become able to efficiently calculate, our current security concept for data collapses entirely.

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European Identity & Cloud Conference 2020
May 12 - 15, 2020, in Munich, Germany

Europe's leading conference in information security will deliver professional insights on defining an effective cybersecurity strategy for the protection of your digital enterprise against cyber risk. Learn more about the latest trends in IAM, AI and cybersecurity from May 12 - 15, 2020, in Munich, Germany.


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