KuppingerCole Digital Advisory
Analyst Expertise Meets Technology

Digitization enables new forms of working together in a connected world. While it still can be arranged, meeting in person is no longer necessary. This saves time and money. At KuppingerCole, we have acknowledged this early on and offer digital advisory via an agile, digital platform.

Video Conferencing

Shared Documents

Online Collaboration

Efficient Cooperation

Up to date. Efficient. Wherever you are.

What You Get

  • Expert knowledge in IAM, cyber security and beyond​
  • Technology evaluations​
  • Portfolio analysis​
  • Roadmap definitions
  • Tool selection support
  • Strategy definition​
  • Architecture assessments ​
  • Architecture development

Which Technologies

  • Video conferencing: Microsoft Teams, Zoom, GoToMeeting or any of your favorite platforms​
  • Collaboration and Brainstorming: Microsoft Whiteboard and more​
  • Secure document sharing: Microsoft Teams, SharePoint or your own secure project space

How It Is Structured

  • Joint definition of requirements and expected results​
  • Concise online workshops sessions or inquiry calls​
  • Timely available documentation​
  • Remote results presentation to stakeholders
  • Professional project management​
  • Lean, regular and efficient collaboration processes

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