Moving Towards AI and IoT Solutions Beyond Machine Learning
Paul Fisher | Senior Analyst

Microsoft is currently running ads extoling the virtue of AI and IoT sensors in helping farmers produce more and better crops, with less waste and higher yields. Elsewhere in manufacturing, supply chain management is being transformed with digital maps of goods and services that reduce waste and logistical delays. The machines have already learnt how to deal with situations that would be expected in their environment. But what if the edge devices had to learn very quickly how to deal with a situation they had not experienced before such as an out of control wildfire or unprecedented flooding on agricultural plains?

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Assessing the Maturity of Core AI Disciplines
Annie Bailey | Analyst

Artificial intelligence is too broad of a concept to assess as a whole. To discuss AI more accurately, we need to recognize it as an umbrella term that includes several different disciplines. When judging the maturity of AI disciplines and capabilities, it must be made clear if a technology is assessed based on its defined application or on its ability to match or exceed human intelligence and performance for that task.

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Your Chance to Speak Up
About ArtificiaI Intelligence
May 11, 2020

You have an interesting and exciting AI project that you would like to present? Then enter the stage at AI Innovation Night and be one of up to ten contestants delivering a 10-minute talk. The jury, comprised of the industry, academia, technology experts and delegates of the conference will evaluate each talk carefully. The winner will receive the monetary award and will be considered for a keynote slot at

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European Identity & Cloud Conference 2020
May 12 - 15, 2020, in Munich, Germany

Europe's leading conference in information security will help you navigate through the AI landscape to learn how to spot business opportunities and what exactly is needed for strategic adoption and implementation of artificial intelligence. Learn more about the latest trends in IAM, AI and cybersecurity from May 12 - 15, 2020, in Munich, Germany.


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