Optimizing your Cybersecurity Spending

January 2020 by KuppingerCole Analysts

Data is the core asset of the digital enterprise and is essential for its’ growth. But digitalization brings with itself new challenges, like novel cyber-threats. It is essential for the digital enterprise and its leadership to define an effective cybersecurity strategy and know the limits of existing cybersecurity defenses. Only then the companies can enable frictionless customer experience, develop new products and avoid unnecessary risks.

Read the Leadership Brief in this edition of the Analysts’ View, to find out how you can optimize your cybersecurity spending. For even more information, you should register for our upcoming Webinar on Cybersecurity Trends and Challenges 2020.

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Optimizing your Cybersecurity Spending
Christopher Schuetze | Cybersecurity Practice Director and Lead Analyst

"Prioritizing cybersecurity portfolio expenditures can be a very complex process. At best, the investments should be as low as needed but high enough to be prepared for future attacks and data breaches. In order to invest sensibly, companies must be aware of the challenges and trends. This Leadership Brief describes a few top-level challenges and recommendations when planning your 2020 cybersecurity budgets."

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Cybersecurity Trends and Challenges 2020
Christopher Schuetze | Lead Analyst


The Future of AI in Cybersecurity
From Cybersecurity Leadership Summit 2019


Cybersecurity Leadership Summit 2020
November 9 - 11, 2020, in Berlin, Germany

In order to follow the footsteps of digital and technological advancements, have yourself prepared for the future and gain critical knowledge on emerging trends. Learn how to optimize your cybersecurity spending from November 9 - 11, 2020, in Berlin, Germany.

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