PAM Can Reduce Risk of Compliance Failure but Is Part of a Bigger Picture
Paul Fisher | Senior Analyst

"The importance of privileged accounts to digital organizations and their appeal to cyber attackers has made Privileged Access Management (PAM) an essential component of an identity and access management portfolio. Quite often, customers will see this as purely as a security investment, protecting the company’s crown jewels against theft by organized crime and against fraudulent use by internals. More successful cyber-attacks are now enabled by attackers gaining access to privileged accounts. However, that is only part of the story."

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Understanding Privileged Access Management

PAM is one of the most important areas of risk management and data security in any organization. To reduce this risk, and uphold stringent GRC obligations within an organization, a cost-effective PAM solution is essential.

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KRITIS – Understanding and Protecting Critical Infrastructure

Organizations or institutions that are essential for the public are called Critical Infrastructure. Their protection and the safeguarding of the public require appropriate concepts, processes and technologies.

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