Ransomware During the Pandemic Crisis
Alexei Balaganski  | Lead Analyst

It is really astonishing how quickly the word “pandemic” has evolved from a subject of obscure computer games to the center of everyone’s daily conversations. However, when discussing the latest news about the coronavirus outbreak, one should not forget another pandemic that’s been causing massive damages to businesses, governments, and individuals around the world for several years already. Since its initial emergence in Eastern Europe about a decade ago, it has quickly evolved into one of the largest global cyberthreats, crippling hospitals and entire cities, bringing large corporations to a total halt, costing the world billions in economic losses. We are, of course, talking about ransomware.

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Endpoint Detection & Response
John Tolbert | Lead Analyst

Data loss via Advanced Persistent Threats, Insider Threat, and other vectors remains a top concern of businesses worldwide. EDR tools are becoming more widely used to help detect and remediate these kinds of threats. This Buyer’s Compass addresses detection of threats present, signs of compromise, and possible automatic remediation processes for endpoint systems.

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Why Adaptive Authentication Is A Must
John Tolbert | Lead Analyst

If your IT organization stores and provides access to information such as financial, health, manufacturing, billing, logistics, government, personally identifiable information, and/or intellectual property, then you should implement a policy-based adaptive authentication solution that can respond to changing risk situations.

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Business Resilience Management in a Pandemic Crisis 
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