Renovate Your IAM with Identity Fabrics

November 2019 by KuppingerCole Analysts

New digital business services change the way Identity and Access Management (IAM) needs to be done. Without the ability to manage and control the access of everyone to every service, businesses will fail in their new initiatives. However, it is easy to succeed with the right moves and strategies, with a strong digital identity backend that delivers all identity services required by the new digital services that are created. KC Principal Analyst Martin Kuppinger calls such backend the Identity Fabrics that provides all services in a standardized manner and, beyond that, integrates back to legacy IAM.

In this edition of the Analysts’ View, KC Senior Analyst Matthias Reinwarth deals with the demand for new ways of managing identities and how this is related to Identity Fabrics. In an upcoming webinar, you can learn why Identity Fabrics is critical to successful digital transformation. At the 14th European Identity & Cloud Conference this topic will play a major role.

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Renovate Your IAM-House While You Continue to Live in It
Matthias Reinwarth | Lead Advisor, Senior Analyst & IAM Practice Director

The way we communicate has changed and companies are advancing their operations with entirely new business models and processes. New ways of working together and communicating, demand for new ways of managing identities, satisfying regulatory requirements and delivering secure processes, not least to protect customers and indeed your very own business. Therefore, it is necessary to gently convert existing architectures so that the ongoing operation is permanently guaranteed. Identity Fabric is a concept that serves as a viable foundation for enterprise architectures for Identity and Access Management (IAM) in the digital age.

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Identity and Access Management
Matthias Reinwarth | Lead Advisor, Senior Analyst & IAM Practice Director

IAM has been one of the central security infrastructures for many years. The changing role and importance of digital identities lead to fundamental changes in IAM architectures. The challenges for a future proof IAM are complex, diverse and sometimes even conflicting. Organization demand for a blueprint to design and implement efficient and durable IAM architectures that meet current and future requirements need to follow a sustainable yet dynamic architectural design.

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European Identity & Cloud Conference 2020
May 12 - 15, 2020, in Berlin, Germany

If you want to learn more about Identity Fabrics and their impact on your digital business, join us at EIC 2020!


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